Sunday, January 18, 2009

Week in review

This was an exciting was the first full week i have worked since before Christmas. I was off for Christmas, New Years, and then I got sick. It was nice and weird to work the full week. Other things that happened, I started back to school.

I am taking one class this term, and it is getting me one class closer to graduation. I am taking a economic theory class. I am really excited about the class it sounds really interesting. It is every Thursday night from 6:00 to 9:00 pm.

Yesterday, Jen and I had a nice afternoon. We went to Julia's bakery and had the best fudge pie and coffee. It was a mini pie of heaven. It melted in your mouth......I am starting to salivate just thinking about it now. They are having a wedding cake far in Feb, I think Jen and I are going to attend it. Along with the wonderful yummies, Jen got to try on a few dresses. We found the most beautiful dress........she looked like a princess. It just isn't right for her beach wedding but......she was breath taking in it.

Saturday night we went to Jen and Dave's to watch the Dark Knight. It is such a great movie. Jeff didn't really like it but then again Jeff doesn't really like movies. It just isn't his thing.....i love him anyways. We had pizza, beer and cookies what could be better than that. We had a really nice time.

Today Jen, Megan and myself went to lunch and the movies. We went to Chilies for lunch and drinks and then we saw Bride Wars. Lunch was great, i ate enough chips and salsa for two people and then had soup. It was just nice to spend some times with just us girls. Both Megan and Jen are such amazing people and i am blessed to have them in my life. After we had lunch it was on to Bride Wars. At first i really wasn't into it but then it got good and i really enjoyed myself.
It was a really good day to end a really nice week.

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