Friday, January 9, 2009

Blog Catch Up: Part 2

Okay, so where did i leave off okay we got back to Tennessee and everything is good. Next big thing is New Years Eve. Big for 2 reasons, one it is he end of one year and the beginning of another and two which is the most important it is my anniversary. Jeff and I do share this day with another two other awesome people, Joe and Marsha Howell.

We both had to work that day but we had plans to spend the evening with some of our closest friends, Jen/Dave & Megan/Ryan. We met at Casa de Howell and had pizza and a few pre-bar drinks. Things at home are cheaper than when out. Okay so the plan was to head to downtown Murfreesboro to, this bar Jen and I found, WallStreet.

We have to have a little back story on this bar. One Friday evening Jen calls me on her way home from work and asks if i want to run down town with her and pick up a book from the library. I had nothing else to do so i agree. She picks me up and we head down there. Once there we realize that the library was already closed. We as we leave i get this idea to walk around downtown, it was a nice evening and would be fun. As we are walking around we see this bar with like 5 people inside. I am not sure who suggested that we go in for "one" drink. Well once inside we start talking and having a good time one drink turns into.....well i am not sure how many. But before i get to that point, we must have been 2 drinks in when the cute bartender asks us, "What brought you in here tonight?" I reply very matter of fact, "We tried to go to the library but it was closed." Now this got a laugh from the locals hanging out....I think it was at this point we realized we liked this place. Okay, back to the multiple drinks we are just hanging out talking and have a good time when i get a call from Jeff and realize it is 8pm. At this point neither one of us could drive so we invite Jeff down for a drink and a ride home. Jeff is there has one drink and now Jen and I think it is time to leave. We just really loved this place so when ideas for New Years Eve i thought it would be a good place.

Back to New we know we are going to be having a few cocktails and being responsible people i enlist my dad's help. He agrees to pick us up from the Casa, take us downtown and then pick us up again. Isn't he great. So we have the DD taken care of.

We have the place, the ride, a few pre-game drinks, and some dinner we are ready. Oh and don't forget the camera.

We head down there and when we get there we get a few drinks. There isn't a table at first but after a about 10 mins we find one next to the bar and under the TV. It was a good spot.

The rest of the night went drinks, laughing, talking, laughing, and more laughing.

Megan got a hold of my camera and was talking all kinds of pictures. Jen and I played some songs on the jukebox that were a hit in the bar........I mean everyone was singing along not just to one song but 3 in a row. First was Bon Jovi, then CCR and David Allen Coe. Everyone was loving our music until the last one which is a personal favorite of mine. This song actually caused everyone to i say. What was the song to cause everyone so much disgust?..........................Miley Cirus!! That's right i said miley.....what wrong with that?

Midnight came and went we started winding down, call my dad and us party animals packed it in around 1am. Pretty late for us old people. Megan and Ryan came back to the Casa and my dad took Jen and Gave home. Ryan, Jeff and myself played a few songs on RockBand and then called it a good night. It was a great way to end the new year with some of my favorite people.

I think 2009 is going to be a great year. !!!

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