Thursday, January 8, 2009

Blog Catch Up

So it has been a while........but in my defense I did try to post on Christmas Day but I couldn't get the layout just right and well I just didn't get back to it.

So.......what has happened since Dec 17th. Well, we went to Florida for Christmas.

We left on Tuesday night, Dec 23rd. We got to Valp around 1am so it wasn't to bad. Jeff drove the entire time but I did offer to drive, didn't press because i really didn't want to drive. We made really good time except for the extra long potty break/gas stop. It was all Jeff's fault, here is the story........ We pull off to get gas and use the bathroom. Jeff really had to go but said he would wait while i went first and he would the pump gas. I go in and do my thing. When I get back it is his turn, he walks up there and the door is lock. Now i had just gone to the bathroom and he was still pumping gas. We thought maybe the lady had to use the bathroom and locked the door because she was the only one there. We wait a few mins and she doesn't come back. We see a Burger King next door and decide to go there for a bathroom break. They are drive-thru only so that won't help us. We swing back thru the gas station assuming she is back, that would have been too easy. As we are pulling back in she is turning the lights off, with a car still pumping gas. Customer service really isn't her thing. We see another sign for a gas station so we go that direction to try and find him some relief, all we find is a closed Wal-Mart station. I tell Jeff just to go into Wally world but he refuses. He really has to go so we drive to the other side of the interstate and finally find him a bathroom. This really short bathroom/gas stop ended up taking about 25 mins. Jeff and his girl bladder!!!!

Wed, 24th was a nice day. I slept in and Jeff and his dad went golfing. When they got back Jeff, Joe Sr, and Granddad went and got our new Iphones set up. That is another long story but Jeff and I got I phones for Christmas. It was super awesome. Okay, so while they did that Liz, Lorre, Gees and myself went over the bridge into Destin. We had lunch did a little shopping and just had a nice afternoon together. It was really good to spend some quality time with the girls, only wish Marsha could have been there. After everyone got home we kinda laid around and then got ready for Church. We went to the late service at Church and then come home and had some amazing corn chowder. And i ate 2 kidney beans....... and for those who know me know that is huge. They were in some other kinda soup that looked good so i acted like a big girl and tried them. It didn't kill me. That was Christmas Eve! Don't we look nice all dressed up for Church.

Christmas Day! We got up and had a nice big breakfast and then opened presents. We all got a bunch of gifts. The gifts are wonderful but sending time with family is what is really important. We were pretty lazy on Christmas we kinda just hung out, which was really nice. One of the best things was i was able to talk to Joe in England. It had been the first time since they they move. It was a nice conversation.

Later that evening, we went to see Larry and his new girl friend, Lindsey. It was fun had a few beer retold some old stories and just had fun. (As you can tell i am getting a little sloppy on my blogging.) Didn't stay to long as we had to get up really early the next morning But it was a nice visit.....please check out some photos......shot with are wicked awesome digital camera.
Okay so, that is all about our trip to Florida...It was super great.
I really can't blog anymore tonight but tomorrow i will take you thru New Year and finish catching you up on the events in Casa de Howell.

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