Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Olympus FE-370

We got a new camera today !!! Jeff got a Christmas bonus and thought it would be good to get a nice digital camera. Isn't he the bestest!!!

We had been to BestBuy in Florida and the guy had an Olympus FE-370. He sold us on the model. So when Jeff said he wanted a digital camera we new what we wanted.

Jeff and I had been doing some last min Christmas shopping today and we decided it was the right time to go look at the camera. We had wanted to get it before Christmas so we could use it while in Florida. Best Buy had what we were looking for and the best part they have a warranty plan that cover accidental breakage. Knowing me, we might need it. So we bought a silver camera with a 2 year warranty.

We have it and it takes some nice pictures. We are really happy, look out world the Howell have a digital camera and aren't afraid to use it !!!!!

These are some pictures we have taken tonight.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Grades, Shopping, and Fun

I got my grade back in my Managerial Economics class...................... I got an A. I am really excited, it pushes my GPA up a bit so that is really great too.

This happened Sunday morning then I spent the day shopping with my mom. We had a lot of fun we had coffee at McDonald's (which the caramel latte was actually really good). Then we spent 3 hours in Kohl's and got some really good deals. Then we went back to Casa de Padgett and worked on Jeff's stocking. It was a lot fun because I did most of the work and learned a lot of about sewing. Here is a photo....
Jeff seems to like it....I think he will like it more with some presents in it.
Speaking of Christmas shopping.....I am almost done. I have a few more people to get stuff for.
I am really proud of myself because i did really well this year and not waiting until the last min.
That's all for today !

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Snow Day

Today it snowed. They didn't think it would snow nor would it stick. But "they" were wrong. It rained all day yesterday and most of today. Then this afternoon it started sleeting, then the snow. I am like a small child everytime it snows i get excited. I think it comes from growing up in the Sunshine State. I can't get enough of it. Jeff and I went out side and took some phones and walked around in it. It is so beautiful.

Today was not only great because it snowed it was also the last day of classes this term. I have a few weeks away from school. My exam went okay i am just glad it is over. I should have my grades this weekend.

The third thing that made today great was starting this Blog. I am not sure if anyone is going to read it but that is cool. I think that i should try and write things down so when i am 80 and can't remember i will have something to refer back to. Do you think they will have the internet in the year 2061? My goal is to to better with this than with MySpace account. i don't think i have log-in since October . I think if i blog once or twice a week i will be okay.