Thursday, December 11, 2008

Snow Day

Today it snowed. They didn't think it would snow nor would it stick. But "they" were wrong. It rained all day yesterday and most of today. Then this afternoon it started sleeting, then the snow. I am like a small child everytime it snows i get excited. I think it comes from growing up in the Sunshine State. I can't get enough of it. Jeff and I went out side and took some phones and walked around in it. It is so beautiful.

Today was not only great because it snowed it was also the last day of classes this term. I have a few weeks away from school. My exam went okay i am just glad it is over. I should have my grades this weekend.

The third thing that made today great was starting this Blog. I am not sure if anyone is going to read it but that is cool. I think that i should try and write things down so when i am 80 and can't remember i will have something to refer back to. Do you think they will have the internet in the year 2061? My goal is to to better with this than with MySpace account. i don't think i have log-in since October . I think if i blog once or twice a week i will be okay.


  1. Hey Kim!!
    I will read your blog! I love knowing what is going on with people :)
    I am real jealous that you are done with classes I am not done until the 19th...
    I have an exam tomorrow, Monday and Friday.

    Can't wait to see you!!!

  2. I Kimmie! I think your first entry is great! I am posting your link on my favorites - I have 3 others I check FIRST THING every morning. Now yours makes FOUR - Love you See You in a few weeks

  3. Hi Kim,
    Love being able to keep up with what is happening in your day to day.
    The stocking looks great...did you make yourself one? One year we made stocking and it was a lot of fun...of course, you know, my favorite part is playing "santa"...santa is a woman..always has been...alway will be!