Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Grades, Shopping, and Fun

I got my grade back in my Managerial Economics class...................... I got an A. I am really excited, it pushes my GPA up a bit so that is really great too.

This happened Sunday morning then I spent the day shopping with my mom. We had a lot of fun we had coffee at McDonald's (which the caramel latte was actually really good). Then we spent 3 hours in Kohl's and got some really good deals. Then we went back to Casa de Padgett and worked on Jeff's stocking. It was a lot fun because I did most of the work and learned a lot of about sewing. Here is a photo....
Jeff seems to like it....I think he will like it more with some presents in it.
Speaking of Christmas shopping.....I am almost done. I have a few more people to get stuff for.
I am really proud of myself because i did really well this year and not waiting until the last min.
That's all for today !

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