Monday, February 2, 2009

This past week has been a work out.

So I have started working out. I am really proud of myself and I am on day 10. Now, that might not sound that exciting but for me it is awesome. My goal is to go at least 21 days in the attempt to form a exercise habit. I am just tired of doing nothing and being unhappy with how I look and feel. But mostly I started working out to be healthier. It has been a struggle some mornings I really don't want to get up and do anything but i have to stick with it. I just have too........
My work out routine consists of Yoga on the Wii Fit and then 20 mins on the elliptical.

School is going okay, I really like the class and feel like I learning something.....I guess we will see after the first test. :)

I had the most wonderful day yesterday. It was the first really nice day that fell on the weekend. It was in the 60s and there was only a slight breeze. I went walking on the Green Way. The Green Way is walkway/bike path that follows Stones River. There were so many people out yesterday. From the young to old to ones with 4 legs. It was just beautiful to see so may people outside enjoying nature. People were riding bike, roller blading, skate boarding, jogging, walking and I even was on kid on Roller Skates. That's right old fashion roller skates with 4 wheels. I haven't seen those in years. I just had a overwhelming since of joy that filled my heart seeing all the people.

One small sad thing about being there though.......but I think I can turn it into a positive. As I was walking i decides to take a break on some rocks next to the river. While i was enjoying the sound of the rushing water and the way the sun cut though the trees hitting the water, I turned my head to see a bunch of trash that had washed up on the bank. It was really sad to see but, today i call the parks department and they have clean up groups. I am going to try to get involved.

Here is a question I am going am going to though out there......Are photo less blog post acceptable? My goal was to post a photo with every blog post but this week i really don't have anything. Does it make it less interesting? I just don't know.......

For this upcoming week, I am taking tomorrow off to go with my mom for a small surgical procedure. Jen and I are going to go shopping for wedding dress this Saturday. I am going to continue working out. It is going to be a great week!!!!


  1. Hi Kimmie! Photo-less blog posts, while not preferred, are acceptable! :) We just enjoy hearing what is going on with you. Now if you can encourage Jeff to blog as well.....

  2. Picture or no picture, we love them all. Keep writing, Kimmie! Also, congrats on the working out. You are doing far better than me and I am very jealous!