Sunday, February 22, 2009

What else can i do.....?

So about a month ago I started working out and really watching what I was eating. I haven't skipped a day on the elliptical. For that, I am really proud of myself. It has helped me become for of a morning person. It hasn't completely converted me but I am a lot better than I was before. Just ask Jeff. I have trying to count calories and trying not to over eat. For the life of me though i can not loose any weight. It is really sad. Now the real reason I started this was I just wanted to me healthier. That hasn't changed but I thought a byproduct would be some weight loss. I refuse to deprive myself of all things I enjoy but on a whole I have really cut back. I am starting to get really frustrated. I just hope that shortly it will start to just fall off but I am not holding by breath.

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